Testimonials for GRUVN Pickleball Paddles

Below are some reviews of our GRUVN pickleball paddles from a variety of players, ranging from pickleball instructors to new players. If you want to add your review, please visit our Contact page HERE and let us know what you think :)

GRUVN pickleball paddle reviews testimonials


Review for MUVN-13S (Feb 29, 2024)
“Let me succinctly, and hopefully saliently, express my thoughts about my new GRUVN MUVN-13S paddle. Revelatory. Captivating. Enthralling. Unceasingly edifying. And no: this is not hyperbole. Honest. My feel and touch and oneness with the paddle is something I haven’t experienced with any other paddle. And damn: that swing weight of 99 makes this such a fun paddle at the net. Almost feel euphoric swinging this around. And love how it looks! So yes: now have the paddle, the hat, and the shirt. Put simply: GRUVN MUVN is now 100% represented on my courts here in La Quinta, CA. Thanks again for putting out such an amazing paddle."
~ Aaron Segal 

Review for MUVN-16S (Feb 28, 2024)
“I have been playing since last May and I have reached what other high-level players estimate to be close to 5.0 level. I am looking to be the first legit former high-level (pro level) table tennis player to really make it in pickleball. I really like your MUVN-16S. My greatest strength in this game is hand speed which your paddle really allows me to get the most of. I have also found the smaller racket head to give me better feeling and precession. Less unforced errors that leave me scratching my head as to how I missed because I am hitting less balls slightly off center compared to on my longer hybrid shaped paddle (was using the vatic prism flash before).
~ T. Kutler

Review for MUVN-13S (Dec 21st, 2023)
“Played for the first time with my new MUVN-13S.  Bought it because I wanted a lighter paddle due to my pickleball elbow. My DBD was too head heavy. Wow, it's even better then the reviews. Incredible spin and not lacking in power as I could see. I was able to rip some shots and had one shot I was sure was going out,  that dipped over the net at the last second. Not to mention the excellent control. I'm thinking that this will be my "go to paddle " even after my elbow heals.”
~ J. Burton

Review for MUVN-13X (Oct 25th, 2023)
“I have tried almost all paddles by GRUVN and there are a lot of pros and cons to each.  Most recently I have been going back and forth with the RAW 16X and 16RX.  I saw the MUVN 13X and decided to give it a try.  The Pink color caught my eye. Straight out of the box, one of the prettiest paddles I have seen.  I believe the handle size and feel of this paddle has to be one of the best handles I have played with.  Cushy, not too big or small.  Makes me feel like my hands got faster.

As far as power and spin goes, drives pop off fast and there is so much action that the ball dips over the net.  The power seems different than other thermoform paddles.  It has controllable power.  One issue with thermo paddles I had was when i took half volleys or half swings, the ball would just shoot off.  I don't get that with this paddle.  I feel like the poppiness is there when you need it.  Which leads me to the next topic, control.

Ironically you would think a 13 mm would be less control than a 16 mm, but the control I have with the 13X is one of the best I have played with.  Half volley resets to the kitchen are easier.  Resets in general.  I am able to adjust the paddle face quicker to drop in my shots when being attacked. Serves have so much power and spin.  Didn’t change anything in my motion, but my serves have been deeper, faster and heavier. I did add weights at the 4 corners but I feel like after a few sessions with the paddle, the paddle got better.  Felt like there was a break in period.10/10 for me on the 13X"
~ V. Valenzuela

Review for MUVN-16E (Sept 13, 2023)
“I’ve played with the MUVN-16E demo yesterday and had great games and wins:))

I like it a lot, so much that I would like to order one. What I like: size and length of handle, perfect for me, something between the stubby handle of my old &@#& and the GRUVN RAW paddle I play with. I’m a single-handed backhand player, so this length in between the two I play with is just perfect. The bigger face and shape of the paddle I love, and it has nice weight distribution, feels nicer than the one I play with. It has great power and even more control, poppy and so didn’t hit many balls into the net!!!  It felt great right away and didn’t need to adjust anything. All in all, I only have good things to say about it👍Thanks, Ruth”
~ Ruth Johnson

Review for RAW-16RX (Sept 12th, 2023)
"Let me start by saying I love all of GRUVN's paddles. No matter what color, shape, or length you prefer, GRUVN has you covered. And that’s really where they stand out, by offering more variety than any other company.  It’s also worth mentioning that GRUVN is the most consistent company I’ve seen when it comes to weight and balance of their paddles. I have been playing the RAW-16RX model lately and can tell you It plays very similarly to the popular RAW-16H, but the oval shape changes the performance of the sweet spot. The RAW-16RX improves upon the RAW-16H model by giving you an even longer handle and a MASSIVE sweet spot. I’ve played a lot of paddles and this is the only one I didn’t feel the need to add lead tape to straight out of the box to improve its performance. Plain and simple, this paddle is awesome and Kevin from GRUVN continues to provide high level performance at an affordable price. Here is a short pros and cons list to give you a good understanding of how the paddle plays.

Pros: Huge sweet spot, head light balance for quick hands, long handle that allows for a lot of whip and spin, and also comes in an awesome ocean blue color or green stealth design.

Cons: Only con I can think of is this might not be the best paddle for you if you have a weaker arm as it is 16mm and a little on the softer side. If that’s the case, go for one of their thinner models.”
~ J. Pickett

Quick Review for MUVN-13S (Sept 1st, 2023)
~ Chris Olson, Pickleball Studio newsletter
“This one caught me by surprise. Will told me a bit ago that he really enjoyed the new MUVN13S, but I really didn’t have high expectations going in. When I ran the stats on the paddle, I was intrigued right away. It has a swing weight of 99.
Yes, you read that right, 99. This is the lowest raw carbon fiber/thermoformed paddle that I’ve ever tested. It feels REALLY fast in the hand.
The twist weight is also 6.4 which is a solid number. I would probably still opt to add some lead tape to the paddle since it’s so light, which would help bump that number up even higher.
If you’re someone who needs a light paddle with a really low swing weight, this is worth checking out. So far everyone I’ve showed it to has been impressed.
Including a high level 5.0+ player who is EXTREMELY picky about the weight of his paddles and refuses to use anything but a Babolat that weighs like 7.2oz with a shaved off handle haha."
~ Pickleball Studio newsletter, Chris Olson 

Review for MUVN-13S (Aug 30, 2023) 
"Just wanted to write to say my favorite paddle is now the MUVN-13S. Was concerned that the thinner paddle might give me more pop but at the cost of touch but boy was I wrong. The MUVN-13S has just as much touch as the MUVN-16X but with a tad bit more power, but the thing that really sold it for me is the maneuverability. My hands are so much quicker with the MUVN-13S. I was not only getting to balls that I would have never gotten with my MUVN-16x but I was putting them in places that my opponents couldn’t get to!!!"
~ Tony Carpenter

Review for MUVN-16X (Aug 3, 2023) 
"I played about six hours with the MUVN-16X and a mix group of skilled players, and I took no mercy on their feelings, as your new addition dominated the court with very fun play.  I should say that I am a courteous player, and don’t give such an a**-kicking all the time, but I did the Kicking with the MUVN-16X.  Fun factor was for me the best, spin, touch, and control, which for me are attributes I look for in a paddle. Well done!"
~ B. Moeykens

Review for MUVN-16X (June 22, 2023)
“I tried the MUVN-16X yesterday. It feels to me pretty close to 6.0 DBD. Maybe even crispier and more informative response. Crispy paddles are definitely not my piece of bread (I strongly prefer softer paddles), but this one is enjoyable, and the balance did not hurt my arm. Very good control on drops, dinks, blocks, resets, plenty of power on all shots, but manageable. The sweet spot is large, and it does bounce near the handle decently, also it was easier to pick up balls that you can barely reach.”
~ Mark Napartovich, Senior Pro

Review for RAW-16R (June 22, 2023)
“Just writing to let you know I am really enjoying playing with your GRUVN RAW-16R paddle. I started playing a lot of pickleball the last eight months and picked up your paddle in February. It's been a great reset monster and fantastic at the net. Super balanced paddle so I have no arm or shoulder issues. Great control and forgiveness. Make no mistake this is not a power paddle but what it lacks in power it makes up for in accuracy. This is a confidence building paddle. Huge sweet spot. So nimble at the net. And I can still smash it when needed. Having so much fun it's ridiculous. Keep up the good work and I really appreciate your customer service. How great is it to call a company and get the owner on the line to provide some insights into your paddles. Thank you. “
~ Bart from SoCal


Review for RAW-16RX (March 15, 2023)
“I absolutely love it. It has all the advantages of RAW-16H model: long handle, fast at the net, enough power, head-light balance, softness, good spin. The RX model has probably the largest sweet spot among 16.5" long paddles due to head shape. So my defense, resets, and quick exchanges improved instantly. The ball does not die out of center, making defense way easier. It feels very solid like those thermoformed paddles. Love the balance, meaning it is head-light like the GRUVN H model. Very precise control: The throw angle is lower like with thinner paddles. Still cannot understand why rounded paddles are not popular. All rounded paddles I tried had significantly larger sweet spot than square ones with similar parameters and aerodynamics is usually better too. To me the RAW-16RX has no flaws.”
~ Mark Napartovich, Senior Pro

Review for RAW-16X (Dec 9, 2022)
"The best paddle ever.” 
~ Ray Yap, Australia

Review for RAW-16X (Dec 2, 2022)
“I have been playing pickleball for over a year and have tried paddles from (list of 7 paddle models here) and other lesser known brands. And I have to say that I get the most out of the GRUVN RAW-16H paddle in regards to spin, control and power. I honestly get more points from my serve when I started playing with it. It's my GOTO paddle for tournaments because of the large sweet spot and I can maneuver the paddle easily in the kitchen. Dinking with the RAW-16H is pin point accurate and I can really do some crazy backspins going from side to side. Furthermore, it improved my 3rd shot drop from the baseline!

Also, I just ordered the new RAW-13X to beef up my arsenal for any tournament. I plan to use it against bangers and can't wait to get it and start playing!

Finally, I believe there's a GRUVN paddle for all levels of players and you just need to find the one that suits your game!

~ JQ, in Saipan, USA”

Review for RAW-16E and RAW-16S (Oct 28, 2022)
“After wasting several hundred dollars on several other paddles, I stumbled across GRUVN in my web searches and am I glad I've found you! Bought a 16S and it's the perfect blend for what I've been looking for! I call it my PTSD paddle:
Power - controllable, but definitely there when called upon
Touch - soft, but not "mushy" - great on the re-sets!!
SPIN - this is where this paddle really excels - it actually CURVES and cut serves frequently cause short-hopped backhands which gets us points quickly! The T700 Raw Carbon is THE BEST!!!
Dang FUN - (my overall rating!!!)

Liked it so much, I've now also bought a Green 16E - like that your handles aren't too long, like so many other paddles are - GRUVN paddles are thoughtfully designed and aesthetically pleasing! THANK YOU!!!”
~ Scott Tesar, California

Review for RAW-13S (Aug 29, 2022)
“Just wanted to let you know that I received my paddle on Friday.  Used it all weekend and I just LOVE IT!  I’ve been using a (other brand) and I’m much happier with this new paddle.  I like the slightly longer handle and the grip is excellent.  The grip on the (other paddle) has much deeper ridges - so much so, that I had to hold the paddle the same way all the time - always hitting the ball with the same side.  This grip is very secure in my hand without worrying about that. Also - the ball comes off the paddle a bit softer allowing for more control.  So happy with my purchase.  Thanks so much for the great service.”
~ Andi Eady, Cranbrook, BC

Review for RAW-16H (Aug 4, 2022)
“I love your paddles. You have a disruptive product. I’m a basketball player, tennis player to pickleball convert. I purchased the RAW-16H while in Los Angeles recently and it has transformed my game.  It’s an extension of my hand.  Best handle, best dwell time and feel, oodles of spin and incredibly versatile.  There is nothing like GRUVN.  Nothing.  Reminds of Luxilon strings in tennis (old tennis geek and string my own rackets).”
~ Martin B, Dallas, Texas

Review for RAW-16R (July 2, 2022)
"Just wanted to let you know, this QUICKLY has become my favorite paddle. It is a perfect blend of touch and power! Highly recommending to anyone looking.”
~ Matt Acker, Omaha, Nebraska

Review for RAW-16S (June 28, 2022)
"Three days of play and I am definitely a big fan. Perfect amount of control and spin, I feel the smaller shape compared to the 16H gives me the ability to generate more power. Wouldn’t change anything, and the purple is a great touch and I have already received many compliments on it. Thank you again."
~ Elijah White, Florida

Review for RAW-16E (June 9, 2022)
“I was amazed at the spin it could generate on serves and drives. It has a bit more pop off the paddle than I was used to for my drops so I was a little hesitant to use it Wednesday for ladder play. However my partner and I drilled for 15 minutes and figured I should be good to go. For a longer paddle (which I would normally use for singles) it was an interesting experience. Felt heavy at 7.9 oz but at the same time it was quick (which was probably the narrowness and resulting less wind resistance). Had no problems using it at the net for hand battles in our doubles matches. All wins with high differentials so we move up. Had a lot of people interested since it was something different and it caught the eye of some of those diehard 'insert name brand here' people. Should stir things up a bit.”
~ James Jackson, Saskatoon

Review for RAW-16H (June 1, 2022)
"Just wanted to reach out and let you know I got my hands on a RAW-16H and have spent the last few days getting my GRUV on! Love it! Everything about it from the feel, the pop, the balance, the longer handle. It’s been a long time since I’ve been WOW’d by a paddle!!! I see myself “GRUVN” in the very near future!! Congratulations on a great paddle and good luck!!"
~ Marcus Luke, North Carolina

Review for RAW-16E (May 24, 2022)
"I purchased the RAW-16E last week. It arrived extremely fast. It felt great in my hand and looks really cool. I played with it one time but knew from the first hit that this is the best paddle I have ever had. The touch with my spin and dinking game was elevated. I’m more confident then ever with it. I don’t think I lost any power at all. I can’t say enough good things about this paddle after using it only one time. You have gained a new costumer in me and will share with everyone I know how great this paddle is. I’m sure more people I know will switch to GRUVN. I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your paddle."
~ Craig Gardiner, Michigan 

Review for RAW-16E (May 15, 2022)

"I just heard of your company this past weekend when JW Johnson played with your paddle at the St Louis AAP tournament. He generally plays with Dylan Frazier who also lives here in Columbia and plays on the pro tour and medals in almost every tournament. Dylan and I are the two teaching pickleball pros at the local country club. I have been playing for 4 years and am a professional certified instructor with the PPR. I am also currently the president of our local ShowMe Pickleball Club which has 280+ members. I regularly play tournaments and have over 30 tournament gold medals at levels 3.5 through 5.0. I ordered your paddle and received it yesterday. I I LOVE it!

I taught several lessons yesterday at the country club and then played last night. The paddle was the talk of the courts. I have 20+ paddles (all high quality from reputable established companies). I bring them to beginner clinics and for private clients to try out various paddles. I would be very willing to change that model and demo only GRUVN paddles. Love the name, the product."
~ Doug “Chief” Schwandt, Columbia, Missouri

Review for RAW-16H (May 15, 2022)
"It feels great! I'm already telling other friends about it. Coming from a table tennis background, I really like the feel and spin of this paddle. It gives great feedback with each impact and plays very predictably (large sweet spot) which is probably one of the most important factors. The handle on the H is more rectangular than other paddles, and the corners are a bit pronounced."
~ C. Chan, La Puente, CA

Review for RAW-16H and RAW-16E (April 29, 2022)
"Most 16mm paddles tend to lead toward the softer side. Well to my big surprise these are more on the mid-power level paddle. Definitely not too soft and not too much power where they are uncontrollable. If you need a one-two combo paddle from a company, go with the RAW-16H for singles and RAW-16E for doubles. The longer handle on the 16H paddle gives you that extra reach and power to hit those passing shots and the 16E is a drop shot machine. The 16E blocks any shots hit your way and powerful enough to put shots away. Very good paddles from an up-and-coming company that rivals all the new carbon fiber paddles in the market. You have to give these a try and get GRUVN with pickleball and these amazing paddles."
~ Delayne Crow, USAPA ambassador for north Texas

Review for RAW-16H (April 22, 2022)
I’m really impressed with the paddle. It’s actually the first one that gave me better reach without any slow down at the net and hurting my wrist. Great idea with a long handle! RAW-16H feels pretty much like CRBN 2, but with longer handle and more power. So far I like GRUVN better because of more groundstroke power and better reach. The spin and control are about the same, and both are awesome. Spin is even better if you hold it closer to the blade. Sweet spot is a bit smaller indeed, but it gives me way better reach. Compared to CRBN 1, GRUVN is balanced way better for me. It does not hurt my wrist. Also I believe it has somewhat more power even it is head-light. Dink and reset capabilities are comparable to CRBN 2, although if you hold it closer to the head it has even better control. It reminds me of badminton racquet somehow (I played badminton at advanced level) which encourages deceptive shots. I play this paddle for almost a month, no quality issues found so far."
~ Mark Napartovich, Florida
(ex-table tennis/badminton/tennis player. Last year I won more than 10 medals (mostly gold) in 5.0 and open events)

Review for RAW-16H (April 7, 2022)
"Let me say, I’m a fan of 13mm paddles. The RAW-16H and its 16mm core may make me reconsider just what I’m a fan of. It played outstanding.

The carbon fiber surface, enhanced my Control, added some spin, and had just enough pop for when it was time to put a ball away. I really loved the 3D perforated cushion grip, as I had been considering looking into purchasing a glove, this grip practically eliminated the need to rub my hands on my shirt at all. Don’t even get me started on the extended handle neoprene case or just the cool orange on black design of the paddle itself. I would definitely recommend this paddle!
~ Gene Click, Oklahoma City 

Review for all current paddles (Feb 14th, 2022)
"My name is Gregory Storm and I am a PPR (Pickleball Pro Registry) Pro Certified Pickleball Coach, Tournament Director and Certified Pickleball Instructor with 10+ years of coaching experience. I am a  Pro Champion and have multiple national medals as a winner in singles and doubles.  I started and founded 'I Love St Pete Pickleball Academy' located in St Pete, Florida. My passion is sharing the sport with others and hosting local Pickleball Tournaments and Clinics with the use of a product that I am amazed by called GRUVN Pickleball. I have the students use the likes of the Rounder-G, Launch-C, and the Gripper-G paddles, which they love.  The graphics are like no other in the market and all are USAPA approved.  My personal favorite is the Hybrid RAW-16H for my own personal use.  This company is the hottest on the market and will be for some time to come. Thanks GRUVN for helping all my students and myself to aspire in the future of Pickleball."
~ Gregory Storm, St Petersburg, Florida

Review for Rounder-G, Launch-G, Launch-C, Gripper-G (Feb 14, 2022)
What’s not to luv about the GRUVN paddles? It's great paddles for everyone, the texture is UV oil based sandpaper which grabs the ball better and adds tons of spins and better placement of where one hits the ball. The design on it is very eye catching. My pickleball students are grabbing the paddles like crazy wanting to try it and luvin it after playing with it . Some have already put in orders, especially the Rounder, which seems to be the most popular paddle out there. The pro shops are even interested in the paddles and want to put in some orders. Like I said, it s very eye catching and the paddles are very well made. I have not had any problems with them."
~ Peter B, Greenlawn, NY

Review for The Rounder-G (Feb 1, 2022)

"Just used the paddle. I love it. The maneuverability is great because of the round design! The handle is perfect and super light! I have lots of power and control as well. Perfect mix I would say. Totally be interested in the carbon fiber raw when it comes out!" 
~ Gustave K, Long Island, NY

Review for The Rounder-G (Jan 17, 2022)
"I would have to say that my favorite is the Rounder-G as I feel it fits my game better.  Even other people that I play against say that they can notice the difference in my play.  One player said that the Rounder-G fits me like a glove, he said "That paddle was just designed for your style of play" and I would have to agree with him.  Third shot Drops, and resets are effortless with that paddle, and my dinking is on point."
~ Tony C, Philadelphia

Review for The Launch-C (Jan 6, 2022)
"I had a lighter weight paddle before and had some wrist problems.  This one is balanced very nicely and with the widebody I really felt it improved my game and seemed to help with the wrist. I would say, as a new player, that it helped my game and offered a satisfying experience.  I can see the quality, so all was good with the purchase.  Nice talking and best of luck for your sales in the coming new year!"
~ Larry W, Florida

Review for The Gripper-G (Oct 17, 2021)
"Paddle is excellent. Great control in dink battles and plenty of power from the base line. I'm a 4.0 rated player, but paddle would be great for any level player. Thx Frank"
~ Frank E, North Carolina